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        1. CEIBS Knowledge

          As the digital wave is sweeping across the world, companies find themselves at a crossroads for transformation. As Jeff Bezos has noted, during the digital transformation, companies need to focus on what is not going to change. It is user-centricity that will stay constant.
          In the era of new retail, companies are facing the pressing demand for organizational change, which is no easy feat. According to the data from McKinsey, among all manner of organizational change projects, 75% have ended in failure, with many companies paying a heavy price. What impact will the new retail have on organizations? What hallmarks does a new retail organization bear? How can a leader lead his company through organizational change? Katherine Xin, Professor of Management at CEIBS, shares her point of view about these questions.

          Alumni Stories

          What is the right age to start a business? Paul Tong (Global EMBA2014), a former executive at ImagineX Group and Gucci, tells us from his personal experience that it is never too late to do so.
          Wang Jubing (EMBA2018), founder and CEO of Yinong Technology, rarely makes public appearances. Although the rural service provider he founded was valued at US$200 million in 2015, Wang would rather devote his time to villages than promotional events or media exposure. In the past 11 years, he has visited over 1,200 villages in China, and he likes to go by his nickname: Village Mayor Wang.


          July 17, 2019. Shanghai – In an experiment carried out at Columbia Business School in 2003, two groups of students were given two similar case studies – one about a venture capitalist named Heidi and the other about a venture capitalist named Howard. Although the two cases were, in fact, identical (other than the names of the subjects), most of the students, including both males and females, said they liked Howard and disliked Heidi.
          July 12, 2019. Brussels – The CEIBS Insights 2019 Europe Forum series made its latest stop in Brussels today for a special roundtable workshop on the theme of The 4th Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges for Europe and China. The event, co-hosted by European economic think tank Bruegel, brought together nearly 100 representatives from CEIBS, the European Commission, the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union, and the EFMD, among others, for discussions exploring how China and Europe can balance policy and market forces to achieve sustainable technological innovation, how SMEs in both regions can leverage opportunities to expand into overseas markets, and how both sides can work together to improve bilateral cooperation.


          We cordially invite you to attend our exclusive 1+1 Lecture Opportunities Created by the Digital Environment in Toronto on August 8, 2019.
          You are invited to meet one-on-one with CEIBS Global EMBA admissions staff for a coffee chat on August 9, 2019 in Shanghai. Find out more about our top-ranked Global Executive MBA programme and the difference it can make in your career. 

          Our Programmes


          Differentiate yourself. Give yourself a GLOBAL EDGE. Give yourself the CHINA EDGE.

          Join us on a journey that will transform who you are. Change the way you think, analyse, manage – and gain vital insight into the world's largest and most dynamic market. With our 18-month full-time, English language, MBA Programme based in Shanghai, you will be able to fast-forward your career like you could never have imagined.


          China’s largest b-school alumni network (22,000+ grads, including more than 2,000 CEO-level leaders)

          Are you an upper-level entrepreneur or executive who’s determined to further excel despite the uncertainties of this new era? Do you want to take your organisation to the next level by further developing your leadership qualities? Do you want to join the most powerful alumni network in China? CEIBS Executive MBA offers you world-class education with a unique vantage point of China’ s rapidly changing business and economic landscape.

          Executive Education

          Top-ranked open programmes in mainland China

          No international business school knows China better, and no China-based school knows the world better. The CEIBS Executive Education offers companies our unique value proposition of unbeatable China knowledge matched with world-class business management learning. Our extensive Open Programmes and Company Specific Programmes have assisted more than 3,000 organisations and more than 100,000 executives in developing business leadership skills for today and the future.


          Shanghai Jiaotong University-CEIBS PhD Programme

          Over the last two decades, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) has provided world-class business management education, grooming responsible leaders for China and the rest of the world.?Building on the global recognition of its MBA, EMBA and Executive Education Programmes, CEIBS launched its four-year full-time PhD Programme in 2015. The degree will be awarded by Shanghai Jiaotong University.

          Programmes in Africa

          CEIBS launched its Africa Programme in 2008.

          On the basis of our experience in China we are convinced that CEIBS can make a difference in other emerging economies as well. In economies such as in Africa, meeting organisational and societal challenges requires fresh thinking, new insights and creative foresight from executive leaders.


          CEIBS launched the Entrepreneurship Platform (abbreviated as E-Platform), a high-quality integrated entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem comprising entrepreneurial education, incubation and investment, on October 24, 2015.
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